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Cash-Valet : company specializing in the management of private automated ATMs

Cash-Valet is a company specializing in the management of private automated ATMs, we manage a fleet of 1,000 ATMs in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba.

Every year, over a million people use our products and more than $ 100 million are traded. Cash-Valet holds, as well as a bank, a licence to operate the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the Interact network and primary national and international credit cards.

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Benefits of Cash-Valet

Increase your profits

Increase your number of clients

Add value to your business

Reduce the waiting time at your cash registers

Personalized customer service is our specialty!

Our company offers to its customers a hassle-free service for 7 years. The customer who deals with us has peace of mind. Indeed, the company has built its solid reputation by establishing an innovative service program. We offer to our customer maintenance, parts and even paper for a period of 7 years following their purchase.

Customer loyalty is a very important value and we want to provide and maintain an outstanding service. Our human resources maintain a good relationship with the clients by offering exceptional services.

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Cash-Valet is here for you

Our ATM machines ensure you increase your traffic, protects you from unnecessary sale losses and above all, help you increase your profits!

Whether you already have an ATM, or if you are looking to install one, Cash-Valet is here for you.

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