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Cash-Valet is a young and dynamic enterprise that aims to succeed in every single projects and tasks it undertakes. It aims to be a strong community leader and model and promotes self-growth for all its employees and collaborators. Cash-Valet will take every necessary steps to stay on top of cutting edge technology thus ensuring a stable job security environment within our organisation.

Our customers and their total satisfaction using our services are at the center of our daily preoccupations. Our management team is continuously working towards a positive and professional work environment while valuing respect and dedication through the achievement of our different goals and objectives.

We will continue to promote and look for suppliers, collaborators and employees with a positive outlook and attitude. Cash-Valet also welcomes competition as it’s one of our main reasons to continuously challenge ourselves and service our customers, with the best possible experience.

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Supply a wide range of small and medium size businesses with an equally wide range of currency processing devices using cutting edge technological tools.

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Founded as Fredal Solutions, this family owned business was established in the Capitale-Nationale region of Gatineau-Ottawa and has successfully operated throughout Quebec and Ontario for the last 39 years. It began its operations in the basement of the founder’s residence Mr. Alain Fredette, who was mainly doing typewriter repairs. The company expanded its tentacles rapidly with the addition of new products and services such as office furniture, supplies and cash registers.

In August 2002, Alain and Jocelyne added a valuable member to their business endeavour. Their son, Étienne as director of development. His first mandate? Set up a photocopier division for the Nation’s Capital region. Due to both great public and commercial success of this new division, Fredal Solutions opened a second office and a new demo room to meet with the demand of Ottawa customers. The company had 45 full-time employees, which included technicians, a sales team and executives.

In 2006, Étienne was appointed CEO. During that same year, he decided to purchase an Ottawa competitor to increase the photocopiers division’s market reach. To facilitate and accelerate the expansion, the company acquired a 33,000 square foot commercial building in 2008. With a vision of his own,  Étienne decided to buy out the family business that same year in order to better play to the business’ strengths.

He optimized growth and launched several ambitious projects which included in 2009, the development of an online-only exclusive office supply division and opening a UPS franchise.

2010 brought yet other incredible opportunities for the up and coming CEO. After carefully measuring his options, and with his parents’ blessing, Étienne decided to sell some parts of the company they founded. Almost simultaneously, seeing that he had become the best performing dealer in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, Sharp (the photocopier giant) offered to buy the photocopier division of the company. Étienne was obviously asked to join Sharp as a Toronto based manager but graciously declined. Prioritizing his young family and the region he loved. He also had other great plans to come, for Fredal.

* Fredal Solutions has since changed its name mission and now operates under the Cash-Valet banner. After acquisitioning various markets located outside the province of Québec, this change is intended to provide the company with a new dynamic and bilingual identity.

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Mr. Fredette, thus Cash-Valet is also involved in other organizations and gives back to its community.

For instance, all profits from devices located in schools (University, Cegep, vocational schools, etc.) are given back to their respective Student Foundations. Cash-Valet also provides hospitals in the region (Gatineau, Hull, Wakefield, Shawville, Maniwaki and Amos) with an innovative management program. These institutions by opting for Cash-Valet , made significant savings on transactions which translated to lower operating costs.

For instance, the Gatineau Health Foundation made a net profit of $ 100,000 compared to the fees of its financial institution the previous year. Each year Cash-Valet, with the help of its employees, donates Christmas baskets, collaborates with Operation Red Nose, helps local sports teams with various donations and much more. Étienne is also personally involved as a volunteer and coach for hockey teams with children aged 9 to 11 years and has been involved for many years.

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